Building Champions On and Off The Mat

Georgia's #1 Youth Wrestling Program

Year Round Wrestling

MF Wrestling Club is a year round wrestling club. We offer training classes for age groups 4-18. Training consists of a  mixture of technique, drilling, wrestling, and mental toughness.  Emphasis is placed on school work, character building and sense of team.

Camps & In-House Tournaments

Morris Fitness Wrestling Club is excited to offer you a variety of camps for your summer developmental needs. We all know that you win and learn in this sport, so please take these opportunities to learn and grow and get better over the summer! We also know that learning to compete and competing to come with practice. MF Wrestling will continue to host in-house meets such as our success Kumite and Mortal Combat Series

Strength & Conditioning

MF training method include functional training exercises to improve power, strength and agility. Specialized speed workouts improve acceleration and deceleration. Agility training teaches you to react and change directions quickly and efficiently.  Our core, strength, and conditioning program (using balls, bands, tires, plyo boxes, sleds ladders, ropes, weights etc) focuses on enhancing performance and preventing injury.

Teams or individuals can create their own Speed and Agility Groups year round. All wrestlers new and old are recommended to do private 1-on-1

Photo Galleries

2020-07-11 mf kumite lil kids champs 2020-06-27 mf kumite full album 2020-06-27 MF KUMITE champions 2020-07-11 mf kumite full album 2020-07-18 mf mid kumite champs 2020-07-18 mf mid kumite full album 2020-08-01 mf kumite girls champs 2020-08-01 mf kumite girls full album 2020-08-07 mf kumite champs 2020-08-08 mf kumite hs champs 2020-08-07 mf kumite mid school full album 2020-08-08 mf kumite hs full album 2020-08-15 mf kumite  freestyle open

What Our Parents Are Saying:

This amazing place were your child will grow and bloom physically and emotionally! You will him going from zero to hero of wrestling, from tearing and whining to a stronger and confident person you WILL be proud of...
Not to forget MF club- coach Charlie and team working year around so you child can keep up with his skills. Do it for him/her,do it for your own sake and I'm very confident RESULT WILL show you - proof is in the pudding. Love you guy ! Thank you for my son.

Olga W.

I absolutely love the place. Was recommended by a friend who's daughter wrestled there and became a state champion multiple times.

They provide a great atmosphere, phenomenal coaching and second to none training. I strongly recommend it.

Marc D.

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