Morris Fitness Wrestling is a year round wrestling club. We offer training classes for age groups 4-18. We participate in the Folkstyle, Greco/Freestyle Seasons. During the offseason we continue to work on techniques to help build a solid wrestling foundation and conditioning.

Beginners (K-2nd / 4-7-year-olds) Wrestling program provides a fun environment for young wrestlers to learn the basic movements and technique of wrestling. We create games and activities that teach body awareness and coordination, discipline and sportsmanship. Wrestlers will participate in mostly beginner tournaments.*

Intermediate (3rd-5th Grade / 8-10-year-olds) Wrestling program progressively moves wrestlers from beginner to intermediate techniques of wrestling. This part of our program increases a wrestlers self-confidence and awareness. They will learn to think outside the box while developing mental toughness and perseverance.*

Advanced (Based on evaluation) Wrestling program is a fun yet rigorous program that teaches how to wrestle the MF way! Our goal is to give our wrestlers tools and techniques that will help them to succeed in high school and beyond. Like all of our programs, we focus on building mental toughness, sportsmanship, self-reliance, confidence.*

All girls team coming soon contact as soon as possible if interested.

*Depending on Wrestler’s experience, he/she will be invited to the intermediate/advanced class, travel and/or duals team.


Strength and Conditioning

MF training method include functional training exercises to improve power, strength and agility. Specialized speed workouts improve acceleration and deceleration. Agility training teaches you to react and change directions quickly and efficiently.  Our core, strength, and conditioning program (using balls, bands, tires, plyo boxes, sleds ladders, ropes, weights etc) focuses on enhancing performance and preventing injury.

Teams or individuals can create their own Speed and Agility Groups year round.  

All wrestlers new and old are recommended to do private 1-on-1

Please contact Team MF for details.

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